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City: Mong Kok
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Posted: 8 Dec, 2014


I am an experienced native English teacher who loves children. I am enthusiastic when teaching and meet the goals of the parents. Please let me know what your main learning goals are so that we can focus on the target. I teach English to the youth K1-Form 6.CONTACT INFO 5407 2030 or

Instructing phonics, grammar, reading comprehension,conversational English,speech prep,presentation skills,Interview prep, creative writing. I know that building confidence in spoken English is so important when the student is learning, so I tend to aim to spark an interest in learning more about why we want to teach them the language.

Interview Preparation:

One to one is the best way to learn the techniques needed when going through an interview here in Hong Kong. The student gets the chance to feel what it is like in a real interview with proper preparation. I will use the mock interview method along with other relative skills that are sure to prepare your child for the target school of choice. I do have access to the questions that are asked at most of the international schools as well as the questions that are likely to be asked at any local school. I stress the importance of active listening and proper body language. With so much competition here your child will need to know how to stand out among the rest of the children in line for the target school.

Communication skills:

Communication using English is the overall goal for many parents and students here in Hong Kong.

Example:" How are you doing today Jennifer?"

- I am fine thank you."

This is not an incorrect answer however my goal is to make sure that my students learn new ways to answer this question In a more unique manner. Not only to answer the questions of others but also to develop the skills necessary for speaking English with more fluency and colour. I want your child to show their personality through expression using English, to be as close to the native level as possible by teaching correct pronunciation and enunciation.